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Abbotsford Wedding Dj and the Fraser Valley's Best Dj

   The biggest positive when setting up a gallery page is not necessarily that you show off how cool your event lighting is or how packed your dance floor can get. Instead what I want to showcase is a feeling, how I feel about music its history, its future. How Abbotsford's backdrop serves as a launching point for creative and beautiful weddings. How weddings in Abbotsford have inspired me to become a premier service provider and best Dj in Abbotsford. 

   An avid record collector and audiophile, I respect old technology its warmth and tone. Abbotsford's reputation for reclaimed, reused farmhouse style is intrinsic in the way I listen to music, not only as a Dj but also in the home studio. My loft space in Abbotsford is filled with 50's furniture, brick and mortar, old amplifiers and turntables flanked by mountains of LP's not for Dj use.

   Music and music production inside its most modern elements also has a place in my heart and studio. Reliable equipment that fill's my Abbotsford loft with brilliant crisp sound that I can mold and manipulate. Here's is where your wedding and event playlists are born, respecting and recognizing every genre. Read insights and song choices here on my Blog.

Thats what a gallery should represent, how an Abbotsford local Dj can make your event feel warm to energetic without sacrificing quality and reliability. Hire a passionate professional Dj in Abbotsford, a lover of music and full dancefloors.

   Motivated to work creatively and professionally with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result. It's the utmost importance that we build a strong relationship  so that expectations are exceeded in regards to both quality and service. Happy to be your event Dj, your Dj for wedding reception, birthday, bbq...... everything! Abbotsford can be a great backdrop, let me be its soundtrack.

The season is upon us. Gorgeous brides tearing up dance floors. Visit me at to b
Long weekends mean quiet places to work
It begins, another great event. #abbotsford #weddingseason2016 #weddingdj #weddingday #happilyeverma
Working in Abbotsford
Great moments like these never get old. Visit me at www.thedjnamedfelix
It never gets old, seeing great people come together
Wedding Day
Working the Dj
Ceremony over! Party time.jpg #weddingdj #abbotsford #weddingseason #sunnydays #skipping visit me at
Party Time!
Thankful for all the great nights I've been lucky enough to be welcomed to
Dark beers and brilliant tunes
If we knew what the future held things would be boring, dreary and lazy. Hustle into the unknown my
Ladies! Looking good! #guitar #guitarporn #abbotsford #abbotsforddj #longandmcquade #fraservalley #v
This weekend kicked off with a great night with the #abbotsford fire department
Some great moments. This is in thee top 5 for the year
Let's do some work. Have some great events lined up, can't wait to try some new mixes
Keep it Lit! Happy Friday #abbotsford #abbotsforddj #vancouver #toronto #calgary #sanfrancisco
Throwback to last weekends beauty wedding! Thanks again Jac and Ty for a great day
Midweek edit session. Hannah and D.J
A beauty day, a farmer and a sex bomb! #wedding #jubilee #hall #bradner #abbotsford #abbotsforddj #p
Beautiful couples, brilliant brides and powerful families! More than memorable
Beauty wedding party! #happilyweddedwilliams #vancity #abbotsforddj #abbotsford #chilliwack #vancouv
Acoustics are on point! Congrats to Rachel and Jon #rancho #wedding #younglove #vancouver #toronto #
Can we do this again!_ It happens so fast but I'm grateful everytime
Late nights and long weekends
This day was a game changer for me
Reworked the studio space, cleaned up th
Vegas you have outdone yourself! #vegas
There’s Never going to be perfection but
Repost from _jenniferfoikphotography - W
Did you marry the nicest guy _jasmeenwer
Has it been a month already!_ I thought
Been a year since these two birds tied t
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