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At Last

One of the most iconic wedding songs is Etta James's "at last". It reminds me so much of the entire planning process. Weeks, months or even years of preparation culminate into one great day. The song sum's up what so many of us feel when the day finally arrives "At Last".

All that time spent selecting vendors, tasting wines and eating cake samples. Choosing colours and flowers, the list goes on and on. Knowing that you've done all that work and prepared well is a good feeling. Knowing that on your big day there's no need to worry. Remember that the people you have trusted to help you have done this so many times. Don't be afraid to lean on everyone you've employed, chances are they will jump on the opportunity to make your evening special.

"At Last" your day is here, you should only be worried about how great you look. You've made great choices, selected the best vendors and are surrounded by people you love. Here's a great link to making your day go off perfect

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