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Tequila, how I remember Mexico.

I remember one of my first vacations to Mexico, barely. Having never been there during my 20's there was no expectation for what I might eventually encounter. I wasn't surprised at its beauty, nor it's relentless heat. I was surprised at the level of service found not only in every nook and cranny of the resort but in every shop and restaurant.

Service as it seemed had nothing to do with how much people where payed. Many of the employees we talked to where struggling and still appreciated the opportunities presented to them, a chance to make a living wage. They found ways to take extra care of people, smile and give a big "buenos dias" day after day. The wage was only a small factor in which defined their character.

Inspired by people who work to serve, who show character, who's drive I can only match by a small fraction. I will continue to work to become better, always improving, taking extra care of the people who entrust me with their most important days.

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