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Can't Help Falling in Love

Elvis has always been an influence, he's timeless really. While scrolling threw the list of Elvis songs in my library I came across the song that I sing to my wife the most. Now I probably sound more like a dying cat then Elvis yet I still love belting this one out while chasing her around the house.

I have to confess that at one point in time I had a room dedicated to the man. Posters, album covers, calendars and I even painted an Elvis themed snowboard. He just struck a chord with me I guess and he still does. Years later while my collection has dwindled, its easy to throw on an old record and hear the depth and power of his voice. The original rockabilly, the slick black hair, the sideburns he was truly a legend who made his own way.

Pull out those old records, get those gems spinning again.

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