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Framing thoughts for future success.

Wanting things to happen quickly and having a full schedule of events, while focusing on the root of what you initially set out to do is a tremendously tedious and frustrating venture. My goal on the outset of starting this project was to provide a service that above all else let couples participate in the planning process and also left them with piece of mind. That their best interest where at the forefront, that their night was going to be successful, memorable. That goal is still clear and framed in a picture in my mind, it goes a little something like this.

A beautiful sunny afternoon, a wedding ceremony plays out like a romantic comedy. Lovely and bright with music playing all around. An applause and off to cocktails and families trading marriage war stories.

Then dinner full of laughter and song, loud truth telling speeches and then the dances. Mothers and Sons, Fathers and Daughters and of course the couples first. The silence of it all, and the tears of the overly lubricated bridesmaids.

Followed only by the cutting loose of everything, of everyone, formalities set aside its time to feel the vibe. The slow motion jumps and shimmy's of young and old alike. "Sweet Caroline" leading you into the night, like an old friend telling you to trust them.

And the end, the final song see's couples swooning over each other. Un-bottoned collard shirts, lost shoes and hair let down, sore feet and worn out legs from the night, and a couple thankful for the memories.

This beyond all else is the importance and value of service, without that picture how could we have extracted so much potential, executed it so well. Cheers to those with vision.

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