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How a bit of preparation and the song "The Man" sets me up for great nights.

During the setup stage of a wedding things can take place that change the usually smooth process of gear prep, sound checks and event overview. Every event has its challenges, early guest arrivals, no itinerary or organization and unruly weather to name a few.

So what do you do when your sweating through your shirt, when you've lost half your songs on a computer glitch, and your mouth is so dry you can hardly speak or swallow. Believe me its happened, and preparation was my saviour.

In my kit of gear I learned that having every essential tool included an extra white shirt and tie, a toiletry bag, a full musical back up x2 and bottles of water and a few energy bars. But is that enough to see you through? No it surely is not. What pushes you over that edge to complete preparedness is songs that can inspire you, bring you back then catapult you forward.

Always at my side is a trusted iPod with a playlist exclusive to motivation and the song "The Man" by Aloe Blacc is near the top of that list. When nothing seems to go right, your mind must be what stay right and music, the right music can set you up for great nights.

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