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To California

During the growth of any project sometimes in the rush to get big you forget how much energy and time that takes. You forget how how nice the act of doing nothing is, I regret not enjoying nothingness. Those moments seem so distant now, those days of summer. When your main concerns included where that other flip-flop went to and if that $20 could get you threw the weekend.

The responsibility of work, fatherhood and husbandry has been overwhelming lately. So I took a drive, put the little man into his seat and headed to nowhere. Sunroof open, windows down listening to the summer selection of great songs. As we drove the sunlight and scenery seemed to mellow us both, an intense morning melted away into big smiles.

Perspective gained, sure I miss the days of nothing, the dog days of summer but where would I have found this. The brilliance and love in struggle, in feeling you could give no more and finding you have so much more. Growth in challenge, being a great husband, a good father and a someone who provides a service so valuable that it would be unmeasurable in dollars.

Life would not be the same without it, without struggle it would be boring. Cheers to those pushing for personal and professional growth.

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