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Transitional Times in Life and Music.

Transitional moments in life are similar to those during a nights events. Recently at a party that I was lucky enough to be hosting the day was heading into night. The change in energy in the guests was becoming apparent. A few glasses of wine had loosened the tightest of guests and the toe tapping was becoming more of a hip swing. The next few songs where going to be key in keeping the momentum rolling in the right direction.

This is a time for music that is recognizable, memorable and easy to indulge in. I decided to play a song that was soulful and melodic with a strong bass line. The music went silent for a mere second then "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse began. Goose bumps as I looked over the crowd of guests, a wife snagged her husband up from his chair, a group standing in a circle began to sway and a few looked in my direction with a smile and a head nod as if to say "Nice".

From then on I had them, they where on board with my choices and the night was a smashing success. All because of the right choice at the right time, the people began to trust in what I was doing. Life can be similar, moments when the right choice can propel you forward or leave you in regret. I often think back to choices I had made in my past, the good and the bad. Those choices have one great benefit, experience and growth. Personal and professional life are inseparable when you are passionate in both.

Cheers to epic moments in life,

Felix Alexander.

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