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The last to the party, the craft of the Dj.

When I decided to return to Dj'ing I had one basic goal in mind, improve the quality of service that Dj's provide to customers. It took me a long time to decide whether this was the right path, but seeing so many weddings and party's fall short because of poor music service always bothered me.

I looked at how photography had changed and improved with technology, how decorators where shifting from the old model and how food service had come so far from the plain chicken and rice dishes. The creativity and ambition in the new photographers weeded out those who lacked new ideas. Decorators and planners could make simple arrangements with better use of materials and budgets adding high value to clients. Food vendors found new creative ways to serve new and fresher foods steering far away from the warming tray style service.

It seemed the one area that was late to arrive to this ever improving field was the Dj. Certainly new technology made music more accessible, which probably had a lot to do with the influx of so many wannabe Dj's. With the ability to download huge batch files with thousands of songs it made everyone think they could do a job that was once an exclusive and rather expensive undertaking. When i first started I bought records, usually singles at about $10 to $15 dollars an album, it included an acapella perhaps and an instrumental track. That meant that your choices had to be wise, you listened to a lot of music before committing to a purchase. Then carefully and methodically organized crates of records chosen for each and every event to have a seamless show. Its how we prepped before MP3's existed.

Having that experience in mind and seeing how many i'll prepared Dj's I encountered I knew that this was going to change and that I wanted to be a part of it. Sure there's room for everyone here, the old model request Dj and the tuxedo clad Dj all have their place. Different styles exist to give customers better choices. What I want to do is ensure that hiring someone makes you feel good, proud of your purchase and excited for your event. The field of Dj'ing is taking on a new course, well dressed, well spoken and charismatic Dj's are already rising to the top. Its natural just like any other profession that it must improve and evolve, and your either going to come with or be left behind.

Cheers to the ambitious improvers the movers,


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