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Why it started in the first place. A Company's confession.

When we first started this project it may have seemed on the surface to have been on a whim. With just a crazed idea that some equipment and a few hundred thousand songs where going to steer this company to monetary success. On the contrary this project has been in the works for many years, long before it was taken public, and it was to be about far more than money.

Somewhere in the past six months that vision was skewed and we had to take a step back to readdress what the purpose of this all was. Beginning with a value statement, It had never been written formally but had always been at the forefront. "To provide service that was so good! People wouldn't believe it was accessible to them."

From the outset we've been different, not ultra techie, not flashy and robotic. We where chic, warm and sophisticated. Character above all else had to be the difference in the service we provided. We had been testing different formats for years, inviting friends and family to participate in test groups. We asked what they loved and hated about wedding music, what they thought and how they felt about Dj's. The answer's varied slightly, but what was consistent was unprofessional, dated and unprepared.

As the end of the year looms, its time to put those first ideas back to the forefront, what makes us different makes us succeed. We are not going to be the other guys and thats fine, we will be us. A service you thought you could only find in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles or Las Vegas is right here.

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