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"High and Low" Empire of the Sun, say it the best!

Recently I hit a low spot in chasing the dream of becoming the best most recognized name amongst local wedding Dj's in Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley. Life as they say had gotten in the way, while my life as a professional outside of Djing might take me away from time to time it also offers me valuable insights.

I've read many blogs about the topic of professional Dj's and why a part timer will never be as good as a full time professional. My argument to that point is simple. Where do you go when life has made you impossibly busy? For some a quick Netflix movie or a binge of Sunday football may suffice. But for me I see those as opportune moments to do work in a craft that I am focused on improving. Its that drive that makes the part timer valuable and more poignant in his pursuit. I don't fill my schedule, busy doesn't mean productive. I choose dates well spaced on my calendar so I have time to focus on each event and it's importance.

I've been a craftsman for over 15 years, I've learned a lot about what professionalism means, how it looks and what it takes. As a wise man once said “Once You Understand the Way Broadly, You Can See it in All Things” - Miyamoto Musashi

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