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These "3 iPhone Apps." Will save you hundreds on your wedding.

I've had a many valuable conversations with brides who are concerned about budget and cost. While that is a concern for some, it is critical to others. Saving money and making sure our weddings are fun and memorable can be done, we just need to put a bit of the DIY spirit into it and maybe employ a bridesmaid or two to assist.

Here are 3 of the best iOS apps to plan your wedding music! saving you hundreds and maybe thousands on a Dj who might not get it right anyway!

Wedding Songs Planner - by The Music Concierge

If your are like most of us we don't have the time to scroll through website after website of top song for each special occasion. It can be daunting and frustrating to read list after list only to find the writer often has different taste or ideas than we do. Step in Wedding Songs Planner! With curated lists separated into song categories from "Ceremony Processional" to "Best of" lists from the 1950's to the 2010's its an invaluable resource and its free to download to your iPhone or iPad.

If you only use this iOS app to get ideas and find your flavour, your already ahead of the pack at no cost.

Here's what The Music Concierge has to say about it.

"Designed and engineered for engaged couples and wedding DJs, Wedding Songs Planner combines the best of the best in online wedding music planning tools and brings them into the mobile app environment. By providing free and convenient access to professionally curated song lists sorted by genre, decade and wedding event, Wedding Songs Planner makes it fun and easy to discover the perfect songs for the perfect party."


This is by far my favourite and the most useful for 3 reasons. It's affordable, It's has a huge library and the music can be shared.

At $10 per month and no minimum subscription you can have access to thousands of song commercial free, and better yet you can create your own playlists and make them available offline which is fantastic if your venue is in a remote location with little or no WiFi.

If you want to try Spotify it will cost you $0.99 and what you'll find for a mere dollar is a selection of music new and old that will blow your mind. With many curated lists already available for any occasion it is a valuable resource that could result in you being your own Dj.

Sharing music in spotify is something that I have done with brides in the past. Anybody who is a member and creates a playlist can share it with anyone else who has a membership. That means you could send your must play list to your Dj your MC or anyone else you would like to review your selections. This makes communicating your needs fast and easy.

Here's what Spotify have to say.

"Spotify is a new digital music service that enables users to remotely source millions of different songs on various record labels from a laptop, smartphone or other device."

Wedding DJ - plan and play

This App does cost $10.99 but is valuable in comparison to a $1500 Dj. Something you can do with this iOS app that you can't do with others is plan your moments in a timeline. Taking stress off your day by having your music in line with your written timeline and schedule it makes you day flow smoother. Your MC at any moment knows what song is being played for whatever special moment you have planned.

Here's what Wedding DJ have to say.

"WeddingDJ is the best iPhone and iPad app for running your wedding's music. Simply plan out what music you need for the day, and hand it off for foolproof operation. Running a wedding’s music on an iPod is a huge responsibility: the order of songs has to be perfect, the fades should be smooth, and an accidental skip or pause can be disastrous. Instead, use WeddingDJ to set up beforehand and stop worrying about it."

So invest your time, review with friends. Make music selection a fun part of the planning process. When I was married I had a music selection party with both brides maids and groomsmen, we shared thoughts and ideas, played a lot of good music and had a blast doing it.

Happy Planning and don't forget to visit and like my Facebook page


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