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"Fear the Mediocre"

Can you imagine looking for a wedding dress only to notice that everyone else had the same dress? Crazy right, how could there only be only one wedding dress, why hasn't anyone designed new ones? better ones? custom ones? There's a reason for choice and that is personalization. I've seen rustic farm themes and high end elegant weddings with every variation in between and choice exists. Everyone has different ideas, tastes and preferences.

One remarkable difference beyond appearance, is taste in music. The difference in musical preferences meant we needed to prepare better and to standardized a process to achive unique results. We spend hours searching for music and hours behind the turntables working within very specific guidelines for what each event requires. It means filtering through genres, energy levels and feel to find great combinations that are worked into a final product for whatever your wedding requires. Time consuming and with outstanding results.

We've all seen too many ad's for discount vendors, filling there schedules and leaving mediocre memories behind for disappointed brides. That's the one size fits all of 30,000 to 50,000 songs, a cut and paste playlists you've heard time and time again, and someone behind the music, texting or distracted and unapproachable. Sleeping there way through the night with no more then the thought of a $400 pay day.

That's not good enough for you and it shouldn't be. You are unique and full of great ideas. You meticulously chose fabrics, tasted entries and walked through rows and rows of flowers. You put on 10 dresses, matched décor and made sure your fiancé got his suit fitted perfectly. The cookie cutter templates used time and time again are not for you and bravo for being brave enough to demand more. Remarkable nights need remarkable people with powerful ideas, lets work together to make a difference.

Bravo future bride, bravo!


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