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Choose a "Theme" and put your personality into your wedding ceremony.

There's is a style of music organization that creates a certain feeling and energy to any event. During wedding ceremonies it is important that this rule be followed if you want your guests to feel as if they are witnessing a fairy tail of sorts, being taken on a journey and being told the story of you.

Just like those perfectly produced Hollywood blockbusters that can have you at the edge of your seat simply by playing the right type of music, you too can achieve the same result. With a bit of forethought and planning.

Imagine sitting at a wedding ceremony waiting for it all to begin in silence, It's deafening. Here's the opportunity to set your guests up for the story your about to tell. This is where "Theme Flow" becomes important.

Start with your key song, which is usually the brides processional. These days this choice can be very diverse, which means working from that point can steer you into so many great directions.

Say you chose a acoustic/folk song by Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud", you could keep one general theme; acoustic/folk music or stay with the musician and use their library of songs. There are also search engines that help you find artist that have similar styles. Try You could also find songs mixed into acoustic/folk style as well as instrumentals in a same that theme. You can use songs in the same key or Bpm and energy level.

The part that makes this cohesion work so well is that you get an opportunity to let people in on your style and personality. You also get to entertain them from the beginning. Set off your wedding from the onset and I guarantee you'll have them with you the whole day.

Be bold, stay beautiful,


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