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An Inspired Americano

This morning I had the luxury of a couple of hours of free time. While that may seem unusual, filling so many roles in daily life leaves only small pockets of extra time. I walked down to Starbucks, it was unusually busy for early Sunday. The runners where there, the elders and the keen morning news readers all filled the small space. As I waited patiently in line I heard person after person order their strategically planned drink, I was amazed at the amount of variations there could be from one person to the next and it got me thinking.

This welcoming environment, the leather couches, the clear pathways to order and the brilliant smiles of everyone working behind the scenes made this place special. It made everyone there feel special and unique! It was the reason I payed $3.40 for an Americano when I could get a coffee from the diner for a dollar.

In that moment it dawned on me! This is what I was trying to achieve with customer service. Make people feel unique, provide a great product to customer specifications all the while smiling and truly enjoying the process. I hope to achieve great memories with my customers, build lasting relationships and inspire confidence in the value they achieve by hiring the right person.

Happy Sunday


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