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Why this absurd "Guarantee"?

While sitting in another coffee shop, waiting patiently for a new client to arrive, I started thinking. Thinking about the process of getting new clients and generating trust in new relationships, and how other companies similar to my own created that confidence.

I was told when I first started not to look to closely at the competition because it would steer me closer to what they do and I would lose focus on what I do. I was guilty of trying to emulate what they where doing by toting lowest price, top quality and professionalism. I wondered how they where able to fill their schedules when we where all saying the same things. I visited site after site, browsed through advertisements and Facebook pages and it was all the same. I became just another one in a seemingly enormous pool of Dj's trying to reel in valuable clientele.

Most of what was being said where things that everyone who is in this business should be doing anyway! Besides lowest price because nobody wins the race to the lowest price, in fact that's where couples lose the most. Everyone should have good equipment, everyone should be able to M/C a day if required, we should all be professional, we should all have large libraries and be able to take requests. So how do I step to the side of all this and watch from the sidelines as companies and salespeople race to grab your attention? (Believe me, some companies are more about the sale then ensuring couples satisfaction) I make an outrageous and ridiculous guarantee!

It's simple, if your day should arrive and I am not well dressed, well prepared, well spoken and ready to be a part of your day and fill your day and night with outstanding music you get it all for FREE. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Planning,


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