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10 Offbeat Processional Songs

Sometimes tradition just doesn't work for you, your personality is too big for tradition to strong to be like everyone else. These choices have been used in the past and have had huge impact's both in representing uniqueness and strength in love and in character. From Eddie Vedder's vocals to the electronic drive of Porter Robinson, processional songs can take you to totally different places and set the mood for the rest of your day.

Shelter - Porter Robinson

The first choice is indeed the most ambitious, with a heavy electronic female vocal chorus and soft male vocal in every verse this song is sure to give your guest a good run of goose bumps. This bright and joyous tune will have tears running as the piano and violin strike near the finish.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo

How can you not love this song, opening with a ukulele strum and a hum. Best used in a an outdoor setting, a light breeze with the sun on your shoulders. I see a gorgeous bride smiling, energetic and excited to walk to her man patiently waiting. A really fun way to start your day.

Moon River - The Honey Trees

Acoustic songs are always great choices, this songs simplicity speaks volumes. The Honey Trees really nail it both during solo vocals and duet portions. The song is short and would fits perfectly during your ceremony. No denying the more seriousness of this song

Paperman - Christopher Beck

This song is from an Disney Animated Short, a romantic comedy featuring a quirky accountant and his obsession with the girl he meets on the subway. Watch it once or twice and listen to the song in the background. If your wedding is 40' and 50's inspired, this song might be the perfect fit.

You Are The Best Thing - Ray Lamontagne

I think if your looking to start your wedding with really strong energy and show people how much in love you are, this song slay's. Ray Lamontagne will have your guests swaying in their seats and high five'ing you as you walk past them. This song has my %100 endorsement.

Marry You - Bruno Mars

Keeping inline with higher energy starts Bruno tell's your guests what your day is all about. It's about a good time with lovers. I imaging a bride dancing down the isle, to her fiancé patiently waiting and snapping his fingers as she approaches. This one creates some epic feel's.

I Will Wait - Mumford and Sons

This is a song I us to sing to my son as he went to sleep. Later when a bride requested it for her processional I was really excited to see how things would go. It was a moment I would never forget, as she approached they both sang together under their breath with no dry eye in house. Do this one, someone do this one again!