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24 Hours Before Your Event, A Dj's Preparation.

How I prepare a day leading up to your next event. How I prepare musically, physically and mentally to be the best I can for the people who trust in me the most.

The night before any event or wedding I like to play around and mix some music, this is the final bit of fun with no real rules and no real structure. Listening to old favourites while throwing in a bit of dancing is always helpful to boost energy for the following day. I also don't drink the night before a big event, I do a mental review of all the music we planned and all of my emceeing duties and the timing and order of events.

I wake up early the next day and go through the equipment checklist, cables, batteries, stands, chords, microphones and all the other gear needed for the night. I pack up the car as early as possible and make sure that I haven't forgotten anything on the checklist I find the packing right before an event can lead to a lot of stress. Being ready to hit the road once I'm dressed is key.

Good food is essential to feeling good, so good light breakfast and not too much coffee! Especially if I'm emceeing, too much coffee right before an event can wreak havoc on your nerves. The only things that stay with me throughout the day is my laptop, a printed script and timelines with a few extra copies for whoever might need it at the venue. I like to be at the venue two hours early and set up to do a sound check regardless if it's a early morning or afternoon wedding.

Beyond audio gear there something personal essentials to successful day. My personal checklist includes a change of clothes, two 1L bottles of water, two energy powder mixes, two meal replacement bars (in case I don't have time to eat). Fresh deodorant, advil, earplugs, eyedrops and cough drops just to keep my voice fresh.

Before I leave for an event I take 30 minutes to sit in silence, meditate and visualize the success of the day. I think it's key to making sure your event goes off beautifully. On the drive I won't play too much music, usually a vocal warm up while going through some of the introductions and highlights and key points in the script.

Once I arrive at the venue I like to find a person in charge sometimes I don't get a chance to meet them until the day. I get the opportunity to make sure everybody's on the same page and those important people know who I am and how key it will be for me to be set up. I set up where we planned or if we haven't planned I find the best place for everybody. Sound check is next then lighting check hopefully leaving an hour of downtime for troubleshooting any of the small details. I like to be relaxed once your guest arrive so I can greet them at the door, introduce myself and let them know who I am and what they can expect of the day.

Once we get going all the prep work has been done and it's time to get the event rolling. If I've done my job and prepare properly we are in for a great night and we all get to have a good time, meet great people and hopefully keep you stews free.

So that's the short of it, that's how I prepare the day before your wedding. What may seem like an easy, relaxed and confident performance is only because all the time we spent preparing both physically and mentally. Ensuring I am up to the task, I take it very seriously. My role is not one of leisure it's one of professionalism. There are no trade secrets in my eyes I believe that everybody should be transparent in their actions and how they prepare for you. How else would we develop a relationship of trust, how else would I become a part of your day like a family member and friend.


Felix Alexander

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