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Catching Up On Beats

It happens every now and then, that work takes a back seat to life. A new baby, a growing toddler and spring house renovations took me away from the work I love. Now on the brink of one of my busiest summer's yet! I welcome the challenges ahead.

This project began for one simple reason, and that was to help couples execute the best weddings. That being said customers specifications require an endless variation of playlists. Covering everything from 90's country to Tiesto's top trance hits and everything in between. Catching up on new music, finding old gems and forgotten classics makes this time of the year my favourite.

You have to imagine puzzle pieces spread across different genre's, era's and styles. It all needs to come together in a special way for every wedding. That's why I took this job and why I created this venture, to be the ultimate solution to the puzzled bride and couple. Bringing all the pieces together is time consuming but worth every moment. Looking across a dance floor and watching couples and guest alike gleam over with a cheerful smile with a double thumbs up as two of their favourite songs come together so beautify and seamlessly. That's the reason I'm here to elevate the role of a DJ, to change peoples perspective and bring value back the customer.

So it begins as it has every year before, the fresh playlist, the unfound combinations, the beats. Looking, counting, finding those perfect spots, the priceless mixes.

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