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The Heatons! A Photography Team on Fire.

What value do you put on capturing once in a lifetime moments? Memories of your wedding will fade, how people reacted as you proclaimed you love for one another, the tear filled eyes. What that one weird aunt wore and how silly those kids were dancing. Your best friend at the microphone and the best man with a tie around his head. All those precious memories will fade away if you don't have a photographer or photographers invested in your vision.

I first met the Heatons at a wedding in Abbotsford at Mann Farms, I was impressed by the husband and wife crew. I can't imagine working as a couple, so I knew that this made them a very special team. They were dressed like guests, something that I hadn't seen before. As I began to speak with them they spoke very eloquently, very professionally and where open to conversation. They had an energy about them, a bit of fire. I asked them how they started? How work was going? and how busy they found themselves?

They where gracious enough to answer all of my questions and wondered why they hadn't seen me before? They mentioned they had not been impressed by DJ's they had worked with at previous weddings, that there was an absence of professionalism. I thanked them for the compliment and learned a bit about the business and a bit about their personalities. They gave me great advice to help me grow my own venture and provided valuable insights into the wedding industry. The night wore on and I had the pleasure of watching them work.

The location at Mann Farms is very rustic with a lot of exposed beams and wood features surrounding the entire location. A dark room and a creaky dance floor, even my DJ set up was a little bit sketchy. I think my table was an old door in fact! I wondered how they were going to pull it off? It was going to be a true testament of skill to get good photos here, or so i thought. I kept my eyes open for the Facebook post that followed a few weeks later.

This might be the beauty in the husband and wife team the fact that they can exchange ideas, work different angles, work one others views and bounce feedback back and forth. It makes for beautiful, unbelievable and perfectly captured moments. I reserve the word epic for the things that impressed me the most and indeed their portfolio if you have a chance to look on their page is epic. Don't leave anything to chance, hire great people! hire people with vision! hire people that you pay well and don't be shy about paying well. They deserve it and you deserve it. Look at what they do and tell me that's not epic.

Thanks for bringing the heat,


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