Live Session #58 Clip - TheDjNamedFelix
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7 easy steps to Dj your own wedding.

November 10, 2016



Early this year I was contacted about a wedding that someone was planning on Vancouver Island. The bride was nervous about the music and was looking for a Dj that could travel and would be relatively cheap. After a bit of back and forth I realized her knowledge of music was quite extensive and she knew her family and friends well. 

   Cheap doesn't equal value, she had a small budget and I was concerned for her, hiring someone for cheap might end badly on her wedding day. So I suggested she do what I do and how I plan for weddings with some modifications.


Step1) Know your crowd. Their age and their likes and dislikes.


Step2) Choose how you want your night to feel. High energy, soulful or ambient or a mix of everything.


Step3) Plan your moments into your playlist. Slower music leading into special dances and upbeat tracks leading into a packed dance floor.


Step 4) Start with a few songs you love. Make a short playlist of 20 songs that you absolutely must hear on your wedding day. Choose from every genre, every era and any style you gravitate towards.


Step 5)