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3 Signs a Wedding Dj Might Be Too Amateur

January 26, 2017






Everyone is constantly looking for the best deal, hoping to save cost on everything. That's because 99% of the couples who are planning their own wedding are driven by cost. So how do you know if your getting a talented up and comer who is building their business, looking to build their client base and help couple's save a bit of money? 


   There are a few signs to look for that may make you feel this is not a wedding level Dj rather a whatever gets me paid Dj. 


1. They don't take requests or only take requests


This is one of the clearest signs that someone is playing the role of wedding Dj without actually having the knowledge to make a wedding work. Their are hundreds of bedroom Dj's who have worked hundreds of hours making perfectly executed 3 hour house mixes using beatports top 100 tracks of the month, and who's sole mission is to use your wedding as an audience and they will outright tell you "I don't do request&