Live Session #58 Clip - TheDjNamedFelix
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Rainy Day To-Do's For the Procrastinating Bride.

February 9, 2017



During this rainy season in the Fraser Valley we can find ourselves going a bit stir crazy. How many Netflix movies can you watch before feeling like you need to get productive? Here are some ideas to get you moving in the right direction. Do these 5 things while you wait for the spring time to rear it's head and get a jump on that wedding to-do list. 



#1)  Make those final edits to your guest list, that's right! Cut all those iffy choices you know are lingering in your mind. Think who would be the most fun, most positive and memorable. Be ruthless, good luck


#2)  Once that's all said and done, do a pre organization of your seating charts. Sure some people might not be able to come or show up but getting a good idea of your layout can take the worry away. Inching you closer to the b