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Making playlists you'll love

Generate Curated Playlists

We have tools that help us find out what your musical profile looks like and the musical profile of your event. Once we find out what that is we can begin the curating process. We will create playlist's that sing to you. 

Create an Effective Timeline

Generate a proper timeline for your wedding or event. It is a key to your success and we can help, we've helped couples and individuals plan more then just their music, syncing a proper timeline with the right music can make for a smooth and enjoyable experience. A timeline will ease everyones tension and nerves, timing is everything. Relax!

Keep in Touch

Get usable and easy to digest information to save you both time and money. Our monthly shout out will keep you informed about whats changing and whats trending in the wedding industry. Information to help you design, edit and enjoy planning your next event.

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