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  • Felix

"The Top 10." Songs for your big entrance!

I love hearing peoples ideas about song choice and the subject of entrance song is often the most debated. Here are some of my favourites, their are some outside of the box choices on this list but all have worked well even better than expected in most cases. Click the picture and have a listen.

#10) "A Sky Full of Stars" - Coldplay

A great piano to begin this track sets up for an energetic and vibrant entry. Coldplay knocks it out of the park with this powerful tune.

#9) "Alive" - Empire of the Sun

With a great opening melody, this can set off a good round of goose bumps as you and your wedding party bounce in.

#8) "Be With You" - Enrique Iglesias

Definitely a more mellow entrance and much more intimate. Reminds me of a summer day on a endless beach, great for a destination wedding.

#7) "Ride" - Twenty One Pilots

This is a funky punky entry, but makes for a great entrance with its nice powerful chorus.

#6) " Danza Kuduro" - Don Omar

One of my personal favourites, this is the song me and my wife entered our hall too as we where introduced. Everyone proceeded to fill the dance floor without hesitation, its one of my fondest memories.