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"Finally Found You". How I asked my wife to marry me.

It was the winter of 2012, we shared an apartment that totalled no more than 500 sq/ft. The girl I had met as a teenager at 15 years old and had a crush on until I held her 15 years later sat there on Christmas morning with a pile of presents before her.

I only had two gifts for her that morning, one in each pocket both equal size ring boxes. In the first was a USB stick with the song "Finally Found You" and a video of the 2 years we had spent together in pictures. When the video neared the end the screen read "will you marry me". Cue box 2 and me on one knee and what followed as they say is history.

Defined by love, marked by music, driven by passion. In love and married for 3 years, and forever to follow. Let music inspire all your moments.

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