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Why do kids instinctively dance? How Henry finds his groove.

From very early in my wife's pregnancy I made it my mission to make music a part of our daily routine. Mornings would be filled with acoustic melody's, afternoons with Ibiza beach house and dinners with the likes of Sinatra and Costello. I understood the importance a mothers mood to the growth of a happy healthy baby. Nights before bed we would set headphones on her belly and play classical music, hoping Henry was listening.

Fast forward two years and Henry is happy and healthy and instinctively driven to dance. Early on female vocalist would stop him in his tracks, dropping everything to perk up his ear and have a listen. Progressively more and more types of music seemed to change his behaviour. Reggae had him holding one hand in the air, Latin had him shimmying his shoulders and House had him bouncing around the house, not to far removed of my wife's dancing style.

So the latter has become Henry's Jam. House music is his inspiration to dance, within heavy bass lines, soft guitar strums and sultry female vocals. A simple song remixed by Kygo, "Shine" as its named has becomes his theme song. From car rides to bedtimes, this song can pull him out of any bad mood and put a smile back on that glorious face. Henry's groove is indeed instinctual and maybe partially influenced by two dance crazy parents.

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