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Let us open with good conversation.

Open communication is something I preach to everyone I work with. A lot of the time brides aren't clear about their needs to vendors like Dj's, caterers and even bridesmaids

Even the most casual bride wants to be assured she's getting everything she want's and needs on her big day. So let's have an open conversation about what you need and what you want.

Our relationship starts with a brief overview of your musical profile, followed by those of your bridal party and guests. Establishing a baseline and jumping off point for what will eventually become your curated Wedding day playlist. Much like the lists you find when Googling best wedding playlist, except for one major difference! It's your own.

The best weddings have been those that had brides, grooms and families the most involved. Music can bring people together, open conversation and bring families closer long before your big day. The more people help the more they want to see it succeed, they are invested in your day. Truly amazing!

Happy Planning,


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